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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Republican VP: Do The Bookmakers Know Something?

Here are the odds Betfair.com is giving on who will be the Republican Vice President on the 2008 ticket:

Sarah Palin 1.7 to 1. She is not even 2 to 1! What do they know? She was 8 to 1 yesterday. This either means they know something, or tons of money is coming in betting on her. Rush Limbaugh has endorsed her so maybe the volume betting on her is from his radio audience.
Mitt Romney 2.12 to 1.
Kay Bailey Hutchinsen 2.16 to 1.
Condeleezza Rice 3.05 to 1. (3 out of 4 front runners are women.)
Tom Pawlenty 3.15 to 1.
Tom Ridge 7 to 1.
Joe Lieberman 12.5 to 1.
Rudy Giuliani 21 to 1.
Mike Huckabee 21 to 1.
Charlie Crist 50 to 1.
John Kasich 210 to 1.
Fred Thompson 310 to 1.

For bang for the buck I would bet 50 to 1 with Crist, then 21 to 1 on Huckabee, and I would throw $5 on Kasich. Palin would be my prime choice but the odds are not high enough.


Alycin said...

"Rush Limbaugh has endorsed her..."

Ick. *disgusted look*

This will work against her with swing voters, but hopefully not too badly.

Dan said...

Hey looks like you were right on about Palin~!