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Monday, August 4, 2008

Special Guest Appearance by PZ Myers

Paul Myers enjoyed my below post on his excessive postings during university hours so much that he posted it on his blog. I will save you wading through the cesspool over at his blog and give you some highlights:

Let me share the humor with you of some of his comments.

First, he tries his best to make us believe that these posts were set to go off while he was in his class because they were on “auto-post”, despite the completely random times throughout: 10:16AM, 10:41AM, 11:03AM. etc... I saw only two occasions with round number postings (11:00AM, 12:00PM, 1:00PM) that could make someone believe that this auto-posting was the case. But here is the irony and absolute humor in his excuse. PZ Myers believes everything in the universe and everything that we see in front of us is an act of complete randomness - - without a Divine Creator, except his posts with random-looking times. They had an intelligent design behind them as to when the best time was to create and post his vile and post them exactly when he is scheduled to be in a science lab. Too funny. Ya gotta laugh at the irony. Sell it somewhere else.

Second, he states that the university would never check his personal posts to determine they were done on the clock and open “that can of worms”. Myers, the can-of-worm-opener extraordinaire, honestly believes the tables could never be turned on him. He greatly underestimates the thousands of complaints (read: headaches) the school has received on him, and this is an easy way out for the school. Don't discipline him for his racist rants, get him for goofing around. Through the Freedom of Information Act, I can even request these Internet records. You better hope the university doesn't check these. With this, you can easily be disciplined or dismissed. By the way, Myers, it is safe to say if you are posting during a time when you are supposed to be teaching, it would be easy to determine for the University what is your free time, and what is your professional time.

Third, he calls my efforts in recording his blogging times an "effort in futility". He's so arrogant he doesn’t even see the possibility of this creating problems for him. He states this within the first second of seeing this information, not waiting to see, or possibly reflecting on the possibility, if this has any teeth. Arrogant people always underestimate and never see the oncoming cause of their demise. Al Capone thought it was only an income tax annoyance. Today, I had 4 different hits on my blog from the University of Minnesota-Morris. I know Myers was one (during university hours, of course). The important question Myers should be asking himself is who are the other people????

Finally, not to ever correct an esteemed and learned university professor, but wouldn't my efforts be considered a "Warlock Hunt?" Not to point out the obvious, but witches are female, warlocks are male. Too much time with the zebrafish.


Alycin said...

He has no qualms with lying? Why am I not surprised?

Alycin said...

Another thing to note... does he just sit around all day (or maybe just during his work hours) and surf the net for posts about him? I almost bet that all four of those hits came from him, checking back to see if someone else had commented.

Anonymous said...

I smell panic not arrogance.

A Voice in the Crowd said...

The hits were definitely different people. I have Myers' id tagged.
But he does spend a ton of time absorbing the publicity. Too bad he doesn't teach a course on the greatest of PZ Myers, at least he would be engaged and the students would get their moneys worth. He might not even post to his blog during this class. Good Point, Alycin.

cg said...

And his followers beam with pride that his site's 'top-rated.' Not for quality, it ain't.

Quite an achievement, professor.