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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

PZ Myers Cites His Blog in His Tenure Review

An Anonymous Poster to VCR this morning drew our attention to a PZ Myers' post in 2005, where he mentions that his blog is referenced in his tenure review. It is getting more and more dishonest for Chancellor Jacqueline Johnson to state this blogger and his vile opinions are separate from the University when he is citing it in a professional review with the University and it is officially in his file:

"I think my website might have gotten two sentences in there. A couple of the reviewers also mentioned it. But it was a miniscule part of the whole story. That will probably change a little bit when I update it."
-P.Z. Myers

I wonder how much it is referenced after his update?


cg said...

If this doesn't do it, I propose that everyone who hasn't yet received a response for their letters, to resend them again (and again).

Just a thought.

Alycin said...

I took a screenshot in case it miraculously disappears.

cg said...

Great move, alycin, because plenty on his site has already disappeared.