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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Brownback Confirmation: McCain's VP is Pro-Life!!!!

NTV Nebraska reports, through an AP press release, that Kansas Senator Sam Brownback will nominate McCain's VP at the convention. Brownback is one of the most pro-life advocates in America and would NEVER nominate a VP candidate who is in not pro-life:

"Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback has been selected to formally nominate John McCain's choice for vice president at the Republican National Convention next week.

Spokesman Brian Hart says Brownback will place the candidate's name into nomination on Thursday night, the convention's final night, when the Kansan is also scheduled to be a featured speaker."

Let me be clear in my thinking. The McCain camp would love to have Brownback nominate a pro-choice vice-president to make it more palatable to the Social Conservatives in the party, but Brownback would turn the request down for principled reasons.


steveprost said...

Not necessarily. Brownback is a compromiser who misjudges sometimes where conservatives are on issues (e.g. shamnesty deal back and forth), and Brownback endorsed McCain early on in the nominating process after Iowa after Huckabee won despite the fact that there were clear other candidates like Huckabee who had never waivered on prolife like McCain formerly had for the 2000 election when he said 2x that Roe should not be overturned and dissed religious-social conservatives in general.

Brownback would not nominate a strong prochoicer, but a pseudo "moderate" on life issues like Kay Bailey Hutchison he'd easily agree to nominate.

A Voice in the Crowd said...


Thank you for your take. We will see. I think Brownback would not be standing up there unless the VP had a 90% rating from the NRTL. We will see. I think I know Brownback.

Alycin said...

We have seen! Palin is it! WOO HOO!