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Saturday, August 23, 2008

VP Joe Biden and Late Text Message: Two Mistakes Before Dawn

I could not be happier with Senator Obama’s pick of Joe Biden as a Vice-President. It is going to be such a complete disaster for him. Like an anchor around Obama’s neck.

First, kudos to my favorite political reporter, Howard Fineman, who nailed the story of Biden as the pick earlier in the week.

Biden is known for putting his foot in his mouth every Tuesday and for the high esteem he holds himself in. He has a huge ego, which drives every comment out of his mouth and thought out of his head, and has teeth that are five shades too white for his age. He reeks of politician.

As Texas Congressman Chet Edwards' name emerged yesterday as a potential VP, I said to myself… "Oh, no…" He was standing on his front lawn affectionately hugging his son who was telling reporters, "My dad would make a great Vice-President!" Edwards had the press eating out of his hand as he told them he is more known at his sons' little league games than in Washington circles. He was extremely likable and could upset the electoral votes in Texas. Thankfully, Obama did not pick Edwards.

In watching CNN in the wee hours of the morning, I realized another miscue came out of this disastrous pick. All Obama’s supporters, mostly trusting, young people new to the political process, who handed over their privacy (their personal e-mail and contact information to Obama) to be the very first to know whom Obama’s choice was, were not the first to know. Confirmation of Biden as Obama’s pick leaked before any text message was sent. All cable news stations confirmed the pick before the promised text message hit one cell phone. A commentator on CNN rightfully said Obama broke his "social contract" with everyone and lost trust with a lot of people tonight. The campaign was forced to send out a text message at 3AM because of this leak blunder. What a disaster; what incompetence. They had all yesterday to send this out. It turned out to be a text message that bakery and sanitation workers weren’t even awake for. Priceless.

The text message closed with "Spread the word." Who are people going to spread the word to at 3AM in the morning? The raccoons in their garbage?

I consider only three people to be in the elite realm of "Political Guru". Karl Rove, Dick Morris and James Carville. These are the pundits I will stop to listen to and find out what is happening, and what should be happening in the political world.

Dick Morris was on Fox last night saying how unhappy the women voters in the Democratic Party are with Obama, and Hillary’s fate. He said that if McCain selected a female Vice-President, he could "peel" off a good amount of these core party voters. He suggested Kay Bailey Hutchinson from Texas. Another female choice that is winning people over quickly is Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Gov. Palin recently showed her "culture of life" commitment by giving birth to a baby with Down Syndrome. Here are her comments on her son, Trig:

"Trig is beautiful and already adored by us. We knew through early testing he would face special challenges, and we feel privileged that God would entrust us with this gift and allow us unspeakable joy as he entered our lives."

If you put up Gov. Palin with her charm and sincerity against Biden’s arrogance and narcissism up on stage in a debate, the actual debating points would not matter and the VP end-game would be over. I mean look at the photos in this post. Who would you want at your dinner party?


Dan said...

I have to agree with you completely on this. Let's not forget that Biden has been around Washington forever, and his pick will disappoint those who were excited that Obama was a kind of 'outsider' and a force for change.

Alycin said...

I disagree, too. You're the first person I've heard who thought Biden was a bad pick for Obama. Tons of Obama supporters wanted Biden.

A Voice in the Crowd said...

We will respectfully disagree, Alycin.

The story of the day is Biden. If a news channel says it is a horrible pick, there goes their story.

Ed Rollins said just moments ago on CNBC, Hillary as VP would have had us [Republicans] shaking, we are not shaking with Biden.

Today one of the polls cited that only 13% of respondents said Biden as VP would make them more likely to vote for the ticket. That is a very low rating.

Delaware has 3 only electoral votes.

Obama thought Biden would help him with Catholics. They mentioned his Catholic heritage today at the stump. I am not too sure it will.

Time will tell. We will know who is right in about 2 months with exit data.

A Voice in the Crowd said...

Two more things to calm your fears, Alycin.

Howard Fineman said Biden as a VP candidate is "going to have to learn to shut his mouth." Fineman, covering Washington for decades, knows what he is capable of.

Today, Biden screwed up Obama's name. He said... "Barack O...O..America." He couldn't even get his name right. Not too many news sources cited this. Believe me, we have nothing to worry about.

I would not be surprised if Biden says something stupid to have some constituents to ask him step down from the VP place on the ticket.

Today he mentioned something about his wife is difficult to live with because she has an advanced degree. This could be taken as women should know their place. He is a walking gaffe.

Leticia said...

I like your optimism. Biden is an obvious ploy to lure gullible Catholics who may have been put off by the baby killer revelation this week. Let's hope Catholics have longer memories than that.
You KNOW why I love Gov Palin, I have a daughter with Down syndrome, and she's a role model for public officals who happen to be mothers.
I would check Kay Bailey Hutchison about abortion. I seem to rememeber her as pro-abortion, which of course turns off this social conservative.
What ever happened to Liddy Dole?

A Voice in the Crowd said...

Leticia, you corrected me and you were right Hutchison got a 7% rating from NARAL, which makes her predominently pro-life but she favors stem cell research which makes her not truly prolife.

She also is on record against a Constitutional Amendment banning abortion.

I adjusted my post. Thank you,

Alycin said...

Well, I dunno... I know my political conversations occur mostly with college students, but I know several people who were torn between Obama and McCain and Biden swayed them toward Obama...

Who knows though... I hope you're right.