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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Webster Cook Will Not Be Suspended/Expelled; Still Faces Senate Hearing

From Fox News Orlando:

"The University of Central Florida student who stole something sacred from a Catholic mass will not be kicked out of school.

On Tuesday, a panel of four students and two administrators, voted unanimously to dismiss all charges against Webster Cook and his friend Ben Collard, saying there was no hard evidence that the two did anything which would merit expulsion or suspension.

...Tuesday's hearing took about seven hours, but the panel has two days to reverse that decision. Cook's impeachment hearing from the student Senate is scheduled for August 28."

No evidence but the meeting took 7 hours???

Okay, here is some evidence for the panel of Cook disrupting a religious service to make a political statement. Here are Webster's comments on the Orlando Sentinel posting right after the sacrilege, stating he did it as a protest, then switching his story... again... mid-post saying he did it only to show his friend (this excuse only emerged when outrage came his way):

"...the State of Florida is required to uphold this separation of church and state. All UCF Student Government Association funds are property of the State of Florida. Therefore, it is illegal to allocate funds to a religious organization, such as Catholic Campus Ministry..."

I guess this panel really didn't dig too deep, or have internet access, to have an understanding of his many lies and motives.

Once again, he plays the victim for sympathy in this post saying he was roughed up by little Michelle Drucker.

We still have the Senate Vote. The charge is he lied about his identity during the offense, which is easy to prove with witnesses there. If found guilty, he can be bounced off the Student Senate. Also, it is noteworthy that if found guilty of giving false identity, why did he feel the need to do this if he wasn't doing something wrong? We will see. Set your calendar for August 28th.


Alycin said...

I have screenshots from the facebook group "Free Cook" that, in my opinion, present a pretty good case against Cook's supposed innocence.

I also have screenshots of his comments posted on a blog after his return of the Eucharist that states that it was conversation with Catholics, not death threats, that convinced him to return the eucharist. I have yet to see any death threats, nor hear of any students being arrested for death threats.

It may not be against any state or school rule to lie, infiltrate a religious service in order to protest, or steal religious property... but surely perjury or tampering with evidence or obstruction of justice has SOME kind of consequence?

yankee said...

What is this complaint of his at being roughed up and threatened with death by this woman? My understanding of the situation was that all she actually did was attempt to pry the Host from his hand and he cried assault. Then he gave four conflicting stories about the entire incident, to include why he was in the Church at all.

Just for the record, can someone post the true account (if one exists).

Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi VCR. I happen to be close friends with Michelle and I don't know that calling her "little" is entirely accurate. I'd say she's between 5'8 and 5'10. She may not be a body builder, but I wouldn't wanna be the person who thought they could overpower her.

Anyway, thanks for keeping us all abreast of the procedings.

colbert said...

That same pattern keeps rearing it's ugly head regarding Myers and his ilk: lying, stealing, covering up, (add your own ajective here)...

A Voice in the Crowd said...


Absolutely no disrespect to Michelle. I use the "little" as sarcasm to offset Cook's ridiculous charge that he was man-handled by Michelle. Someone trying to pry the Eucharist out of his hand.

I was nothing but impressed with Michelle's quick thinking actions and her trying to prevent the sacrilige. I hope my daughter someday would do the same thing.
Give her our best!

watercat said...

Has Ducker, or anyone from her side, gone public with her version of events? If not, why not? So far all we have to go on is Cook's story...

cg said...

Cook's story? Which one is that--he gave three or four versions to choose from. Not that any matter. He knew when he approached the alter that he was up to no good.

Michelle Drucker's choice not to 'publicize' her version doesn't indicate that she's concealing anything. Maybe she doesn't feel any need to defend herself, but should she need to, no doubt she'll recall one account of events.

Cook's story? Which one is that--he gave us three or four versions to choose from.

Alycin said...

Watercat, yes they have, but it's so much more fun to vilify the Catholic church and make Cook look like an innocent victim. It sells better than the truth, unfortunately.