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Friday, September 5, 2008

Sarah Palin: What the Mainstream Media Doesn't Get - Part II

The screams and jabs from the liberal news media were bountiful last weekend as Sarah Palin was named to fill the vice-president slot on the ballot.

A mainstream media platitude that was stated over, and over, again almost seemed as if it was taken straight from the Obama talking points play book. It framed Governor Palin as nothing more than a "Mayberry" mayor without any experience, who is one, 72-year-old* heartbeat away from a position she would not be able to handle - she was "fragile". (*By the way, did we all see John McCain’s 94-year-old mother and her spunk last night? After seeing this I thought to myself jokingly maybe McCain might be "two-termer".)

I think that there is an unquestionable truth that Sarah Palin has more pertinent experience to the Presidency than Barack Obama does. Two years of executive experience as governor trumps four years of voting on legislation with 99 other Senators. People who do not admit this are not being intellectually honest. This fact is so true and worrisome, that the Obama camp has ceased referring to Palin in relation to her governor status, and talks about her solely as a mayor of a small Northern Exposure town.

Now that I stated the reality, let me say that experience means nothing before the election and everything after the election. Voters will use this argument to support their candidate who they are all ready voting for in their minds. When they have the experience on there side it is important, when they don’t then it is a campaign of change and an outsider coming in. To their credit, the McCain campaign has covered both of these bases by positioning John McCain as being both strong on experience and an outside of change.

Experience means nothing. If experience was important, George H. W. Bush - who it was believed had the best resume in Washington - would have never lost to Ronald Reagan in the primaries. If experience was important, an incumbent president would never lose to any challenger. Go ask Hillary Clinton who is eating her breakfast in Chappaqua these days how important experience is to the voters.

It is not about experience, voters vote for whom they like, period. And they like candidates based on how they feel the candidate relates to them.

This is the second thing the MSM does not get about Sarah Palin. How likable she is and how many millions of people she is forming an intimate bond with quickly. 40 years after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, people still have affection for his daughter and son, until his untimely passing, because they remember them under the desk in the oval office peaking out. That is the family voters wanted to support.

Sarah Palin embraced her Down Syndrome baby on stage Wednesday after her blazing speech. Viewers saw her youngest daughter drenching the baby’s hair down with an excessive amount of her saliva during the same speech, and that is the family that voters are going to want to support.

Rassmussen reports today that Sarah Palin now has a higher approval rating (58%) nationally than both John McCain and Barack Obama. She has been in the national spotlight for just over a week. Please understand that this approval rating is after the liberals threw every possible scandal and the kitchen sink at her. She has an even higher approval rating with voters who are not affiliated with a major party. The Obama camp, again, must be panicking. These are the votes they need.

So the mainstream media will keep harping on Governor Palin’s experience hoping that somewhere with someone it will matter. That wish and a token will get the mainstream media on the subway. If I could tell the MSM one thing, it would be, "It’s the likability factor, stupid!"

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