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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Gift of Down Syndrome

Dr. Sandra Ryeom and colleagues at Children's Hospital Boston discovered that at least two proteins found in the extra 21 chromosome of Down syndrome could be instrumental in fighting Cancer.

As people with Down syndrome rarely get diseases linked to the overgrowth of blood vessels, such as cancer, when evaluating tumors grown with Down syndrome cells Dr. Ryeom and her team found that these cells resulted in the growth of fewer blood vessels than tumors grown with normal stem cells.

WedMD quotes the study:

"It is, perhaps, inspiring that the Down syndrome population provides us with new insight into mechanisms that regulate cancer growth and, by so doing, identifies potential targets for tumor prevention and therapy," Ryeom and colleagues conclude."

In an always-disturbing statistic, moreover in light of this story, Physicians for Life quotes that "Recent US studies have indicated that when Down syndrome is diagnosed prenatally, 84% to 91% of those babies will be killed by abortion."

This mortality schedule details how overwhelming this PfL stat is. You have a better chance of survival being diagnosed with 40 out the 42 cancers listed on this schedule than being a Down syndrome child in utero.

The PfL web site also quotes that the Down syndrome abortion rate is up to 94% in England which is aligned, for all intent and purposes, with the mortality rates with the other two cancers on the schedule, pancreatic and liver. So in England it is a better situation for you to be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer than to be a Down syndrome baby in utero. With the pancreatic cancer you will have an equal rate of survival and almost always a longer lifespan.

It is such a chilling irony that a segment of the population that could possibly improve the above mentioned mortality schedule is being targeted for such a mass holocaust. Society in our infinite, secular wisdom is destroying our solutions.

However, at the same time it is so very uplifting that this small segment of the population that is seen as less than human and worthless to many may hold a major key to the salvation to the whole of society, forcing secular society to take an another objective look at their value.

How foolish have we become not setting a place at the human table for everyone?

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Leticia said...

This is God's perfect sense of irony; using the least of this world to save the rest. Even before this, these sweet children were saving humanity from their own selfishness and materialism, when they were allowed to live.