“We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has gone through. I do not think that wide circles of the American society or wide circles of the Christian community realize this fully. We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-Church, of the Gospel and the anti-Gospel. This confrontation lies within the plans of divine providence. It is a trial which the whole Church… must take up.” Karol Cardinal Wotyla (Sept. 1976)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Major Progress on the War on Terrorism

Here are three huge victories in the War on Terror that the mainstream media will never stress:

1) "Mahir Ahmad Mahmud Al Zubaydi was killed in Baghdad this week. Al Zubaydi is thought to have been one of Iraq's most senior al Qaeda insurgents. He is also alleged to have directed the insurgent cell believed to be responsible for the Baghdad mosque bomb attacks that killed dozens of Shi'ite muslims on Thursday.The military also blames him for several car bombings and mortar attacks in Baghdad's main Shi'ite district of Sadr City in 2006 and 2007, killing hundreds of people.He is also believed to have planned and participated in abductions and videotaped executions, including one in which he was seen shooting one of four kidnapped Russians. (Blogger Note: Someone should tell Joe Biden that al Qaeda is in fact in Iraq.)

2) News this week about an al Qaeda capture two months ago. "According to a report in the Arab-language Syrian newspaper Al Liwaa, Syrian officials captured the leader of the Al Qaeda-linked militant group Fatah al Islam [Shaker Abssi] two months ago in Syria. The report says Abssi's loyalists were planning to carry out a suicide bombing at a Damascus soccer stadium during a game a month ago to avenge him, but were thwarted by Syrian security."

3) An most quietly, but possibly could turn out to be the biggest story, the Taliban is furious at a recent U.S. air strike in Pakistan that has been kept very quiet afterwards: "Based on information from informants and agents in the field, the intelligence officials said the Taliban appeared unusually perturbed over the latest attack. Their anger was a signal that a senior militant may have been killed, but that has yet to be confirmed, they said. ... The frontier region is believed to be a possible hiding place for the Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and his deputy, Ayman al-Zawahri. Several Arab militants were said to be among the dead in the strike in North Waziristan on Friday." The U.S. Military has been very quiet on this strike. Another report said that the Taliban is forbidding people from searching the rubble. Could this have been the end of bin Laden or al-Zawahri? These would be huge stories and have an impact on the election.

I am not sure who would benefit more, McCain who would be tied to the Republican's war against terrorism, or Obama if the bin Laden threat ceased to exist, would this shift the election's focus back to bread and butter issues.

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Regardless who benefits, no trials are in order: