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Sunday, October 19, 2008

20% Off Sales and Salvation

This is one of the absolute best developments in the Catholic Church in America that I have seen in a many years.

The Capuchin Franciscans in Colorado Springs are leasing space in a shopping mall to spread the Gospel. Through their Catholic Center storefront they offer Mass twice daily, every weekday, and confession to anyone who wants it during "store hours".

The major impact of this venture, I believe, would be to offer an open door to the masses and a much easier access to those in need of spiritual counseling and interested in learning about the Catholic Faith.

For many who feel a call to spirituality, going to a strange Church can cause paralyzing fear and inaction, people do not know where to begin the process. Here you have a smiling Capuchin inviting you in.

Such a wonderful idea, I have to run and get my checkbook! Such a great idea!


max said...

Offering Mass twice daily in a shopping mall? Is Communion given?

I may be misunderstanding how this Catholic Center works, but I'd want far more information about this center before contributing to it.

I don't feel comfortable with the idea just yet.

A Voice in the Crowd said...


There is a chapel set up inside the location.

I understand your initial concerns but this is being run by the Capuchins with the backing of the Diocese.

My high school had a similar chapel where Mass was celebrated. I know a Catholic newspaper that has a chapel where they celebrate mass daily, as Catholic hospitals. Mass has been celebrated in outdoor Stadiums.

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I do appreciate your concern that our Faith is being celebrated in a manor consistent with the Magisterium.

max said...

Even so, Voice, I can't reconcile myself with a shopping mall being considered the proper place for receiving Communion. To make access to Holy Communion in a school or college; yes, but a shopping mall--I still need to think on that.