“We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has gone through. I do not think that wide circles of the American society or wide circles of the Christian community realize this fully. We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-Church, of the Gospel and the anti-Gospel. This confrontation lies within the plans of divine providence. It is a trial which the whole Church… must take up.” Karol Cardinal Wotyla (Sept. 1976)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Timothy Geithner: Connecting Some Dots

When Timothy Geithner was appointed Secretary of the Treasury, he was seen as a 47 year-old whiz kid, and the only man that could do the job. Now months later, America sees things differently. Geithner’s has been a disaster since the onset and his appointment might not have been such a random act, "best man for the job," as the Obama administration would have us believe.

Timothy Geithner's father, Peter Geithner, was the director of the Asia program for the Ford Foundation. During the early eighties, Peter Geithner oversaw the Ford Foundation’s microfinance (small loans to the underprivileged) programs in Indonesia being developed by Ann Dunham-Soetoro, who was Barack Obama’s mother. So basically, Geithner’s father was financing Obama’s mother’s charity. There was a prior relationship between the families.

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